[radio] Happiness x Happiness Taemin with Onew, Key

Taemin guested a radio program in Japan with Onew and Key to promote SHINee’s new single Your Number:

1. The largest number of people in the program’s history applied for studio audience tickets – only 100 out of more than 10K applicants were allowed in. Lucky fans!


2. What Taemin likes about Japan…as expected, food! The place he likes most is a restaurant! No surprise 😉 Taemin likes kyudong and oyakodong.

3. Taemin is into playing billiards these days, practicing with friends to improve his skills. He’s happy to have a new hobby.

4. The song Taemin is listening to these days: August Alsina, Kissing on My Tattoo

5. He’s practicing hard to make fans good memories but he’s feeling nervous. According to Key, There will be special performances only for the Tokyo Dome concert. Yay~

With new blond hair and hair style Taemin looked so handsome (making a blond pair with Key hyung) 🙂


[photo cr as tagged | account cr taemlovetaem]


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