[ent] Match Made in Heaven Returns Taemin Previews

Henry teaching Taemin what to do with women:


“You are my love academy student”


“(Women) like this kind of sudden skinship”

So finally we’ve got preview photos and clips of Taemin in MMIHR. Sexy dance has been expected but Taemin baring his top??? o,o


Taemin with Narsha – at the news of this pairing, many fans responded (with a sigh of relief 😉 ), “that’s not going to work because of too much age gap.” But as seen in the highlight video, I think it’s going to work (entertainment-wise)! Taemin acting like a leading man and Narsha’s expression haha.


And Taem seems to have been chosen out of the four guys who proposed to Narsha:


Anyway, it’ll be fun to watch just Taemin’s expressions at the program 😉 .


And I like Taemin’s styling. Since it’s now decided that Taemin appears in this program, I want him to look as handsome and attractive as he can be. I just hope Taemin’s hard work and efforts won’t go unrewarded.

IMG_20150307_231129 (1)IMG_20150307_231055

Love Taemin in that black rider jacket. Cool guy itself *o*


2 thoughts on “[ent] Match Made in Heaven Returns Taemin Previews

    • u mean under the news article? then yes, and as you can guess, most fans don’t like it. you won’t see many even mention it at twitter or on blog. the same as when taem was on wgm.

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