Taemin Changed Hair Color

“SHINee was named an honorary ambassador for Ministry of Personnel Management…for SHINee, a group leading contemporary trends in various areas such as dance, music, and fashion, is similar with the Ministry…
SHINee will participate in the main events and publicity activities, including posters, PR videos, and booklets.”

I saw this news in the morning but didn’t expect to have photos of Taemin and SHINee because it’s related to the goverment. And then these T.T


[photo cr as tagged]

Taemin surprised us with his changed hair. He looks so handsome with his hair up [that glorious brow <3] and so cute when smiling T,T

I’ve seen some posts about SHINee’s comeback, and now there’s this talk (rumor?) that SHINee filmed their comeback mv at D High School. Is that why Taemin and Key changed their hair colors? Jonghyun also said he’d be busy with schedules in May. SHINee’s TV commercial for BR will be on air in March. Taemin to be on MMIHR from March 10. Key on MCD, and Minho on Fluttering India. SHINee’s comeback is likely to be sooner than I thought.

And sadly I’m going to get busier from next week. 😦


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