150301 Taemin at Airport Leaving for Japan

Taemin is generously showing his brow these days. People liked Taemin’s look when he was a featuring artist for Henry’s Trap and some even hoped he’d try that style in his solo activities. At the airport today Taemin in a similar style looks like a cool hiphop boy. Love it, love it, love it. ❤


Showing oppa force at one moment and at the next moment becoming an adorable kid >,<


so handsome…tumblr_nki9viLY141qlm8mso1_540tumblr_nki9viLY141qlm8mso2_1280

Look at his well-proportioned body. Small face and long legs *o* Love the pants.tumblr_nkia21WaEE1u22rjso1_540

Chatting with hyungs. My lovely ontae ❤ Seeing them all so happy and smiling makes my day~3554814190_148af31d_23f12caa12a76ae04bd26ca62da683cd

Wondering, is there any style he couldn’t make his own? So versatile in looks and talents.

Adorable with whatever faces he makes

[photo cr as tagged]


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