Taemin’s Beautiful Voice (1)

“I’ve never quite agreed on the view that the best sound created by God is human voice. There are so many musical instruments in the world that can make beautiful sounds… It struck me for the first time that human voice can be so lovely when I heard Taemin’s voice at Music Bank in Brazil…” (a fan)

140618 Taemin, Jonghyun, Sunggyu – The Girl from Ipanema

Fans have been in love with Taemin’s unique “beautiful” voice (as in SHINee’s Romeo+Juliette, a.k.a., Boy Meets Girl), and as Taemin’s voice gains more power and gets huskier (which is also what has been desired for Taemin in his growth into a good vocalist), fans thought they might not be able to hear the “beautiful” voice any more. And then voila! Taemin singing The Girl from Ipanema at Music Bank in Brazil in his voice as fine and lovely as before (+ his beautiful face). In two months, he came back as a mysterious thief singing Danger and ripping off his shirt, haha 😉


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