Taemin Monologue

“Hello, Showbiz Extra viewers, I’m SHINee’s makdoong-i Taemin. You’re about to hear my monologue today. I’m going to talk candidly about myself. Look forward to it.”

Taemin’s Thoughts on Music & Dancing



“It was about when I was a 2nd or 3rd grade elementary student. One day I was watching singers’ performances on TV, they looked very awesome. So I recorded them and imitated their dance moves, and found videos on the Internet and imitated them. My parents kept their eyes on me. I went for my first audition when I was a sixth grader. I was so lucky that I passed it. Since then my parents have actively supported me. And that’s how I had the good fortune to join SHINee.”

School Days

“Since I got a great liking for singers’ awesome performances while watching TV, I practiced hard as I look back on that time. Students of my age are supposed to be playing outside, but in my case, I danced with some of my friends at the playground and even at school during a short break. When I came home, I turned on computer and practiced dance moves. I spent the whole day doing nothing but dancing. When I was a sixth grader, I went to a retreat and there I performed on stage for the first time. Dancing under the lights in front of a crowd, I experienced a thrill. Then I felt, this is what it feels like.”

090404-tm7Dance is…

“Dance? Dancing is like walking for me. People always walk, right? Like that, I always dance.” 

Role Model

“There are foreign artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake whose performances are perfect. I want to be a singer who can deliver great performances. That’s my dream. I really respect and admire them.”

Favorite Songs

“I like songs with strong beats and easy to dance to. I used to be fond of exciting, up-beat songs, and one day I found it’s fun to dance to ballads and R&B songs too. The kind of songs I listen to vary according to dance styles.”

Taemin’s Daily Life

090404-tm6Treasure No.1

“The staff who sincerely help me, and my family are my treasure No.1.”


“Among the gifts from fans, the most memorable is a hand-written fan-letter. For it is from their true heart. You may buy things with money, but you write a letter to express your true feelings. So it touches my heart and remains more in my memory.”


“I find all nicknames funny and like them. Among them…you know ‘makdoong-i’, that’s my nickname. When I became a trainee, I was the youngest. When I debuted, I was also the youngest member. So hyungs called me ‘makdoong-i’, ‘maknae.’ I like the nickname ‘makdoong-i’ very much. (laugh)”090404-tm9

Taemin Talks about SHINee’s Activities & Dreams

Being the Youngest

“It’s good to be the youngest in many ways. First, hyungs take good care of me. When we eat, I’m the first to be served. They are caring and when we sleep, we talk a lot. They are considerate, and I appreciate it very much. Any disadvantage? I don’t think there is any. They don’t bully me because I’m younger. Though they are older, they treat me nicely. So I feel comfortable with hyungs.”

Memorable Performance

“I like them all, but there are two performances. Our first performance on May 25 is unforgettable. When we were on stage for a TV show, my family were sitting at the center of the audience. I performed looking at them. During our performance, I suddenly became emotional and almost burst into tears. I pulled myself together and finished it without a mistake. And the other is SM Live Concert in Korea. That was my first time I performed in front of such a large crowd of fans. I’d never felt so excited before. In preparing for the performance…people have a certain image of me, and I wanted to show a new side of me. So I worked with my dance teacher to find something really strong and unique. That was ‘krump,’ a genre of dance. I picked a strong song and krump dance for my performance.” 

090404-tm5How was it?

“I think it was successful. For I was glad that it made people discover a new side of me. I’d like to keep showing unique performances, so this was a good chance to make the first step.”


“There’s one goal I want to achieve as a SHINee. To go as SHINee forever and become the world’s best group. I think we should have an ambitious goal.”090404-tm2

“Yeoreoboon, this has been Taemin’s Monologue. How was it? Did you enjoy it? SHINee will work hard until we become the world’s best, so please support us. We promise to work hard. Keep eyes on us. This has been SHINee’s makdoong-i, Taemin. Thank you.”

080815 Taemin in SMTown Concert in Seoul

And 140815 Taemin making his solo debut performance at SMTown Concert in Seoul

Taemin’s first step and then 6 year growth to be an ACE performer…

[photo cr as tagged; via shasase at naver]


One thought on “Taemin Monologue

  1. So sweet!!!! Thanks so much for uploading this, It´s amazing reading how he thinks when he was too younger… and the detail of the last photo (his solo debut) was amazing too

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