A Taemint’s Fan Gift Cake to Congratulate Taemin at SMA

A fan ordered a special cake made based on the concept of Taemin’s Danger to congratulate him on receiving the Popularity Award at SMA. TEMIN-150122-0

She was told that Taemin liked the cake very much and the words written on the cake, “2014 the Masterpiece of K-pop ‘Mysterious Thief’ Taemin.” She was glad to hear that Taemin sensed the point of the cake and mentioned the black rose decorations on the cake even without any letter attached to explain it. The cake below is the first version made through miscommunication between the fan and the cake designer. The mistake was found at 2 p.m., when she went to pick it up, and so had to be re-made hurriedly to be delivered in time to congratulate Taemin after he received the award. Awesome!


[To see the fan’s blog post: http://blog.naver.com/eltaem/220252747551%5D


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