[starcast] “DANGER! Ace Taemin! Steal My Heart~!!”

Danger~!! It’s my show time (from title song Danger lyrics)

SHINee’s maknae Taemin released his first solo album ‘ACE’ and surprised fans with his performance full of sangnamja force on music program stages as well as in SMTOWN Concert in Seoul~!!
Following Taemin’s solo stage faultless from the completion level of the song, performance, and styling to Taemin’s passion, today!! finally Taemin’s first solo album ACE was unveiled and is receiving hot responses from many music fans.

To commemorate the release of Taemin’s 1st solo album ACE! Danger~!!
We are to post the pictures and interview with Taemin too fatal and dangerous as in the lyrics of the title song Danger and the album making behind story and support messages from SMTOWN family members~!!


We met Taemin in a music program waiting room. Taemin looked more nervous than usual as he was going to perform by himself, not as SHINee. I felt hard-working sangnamja force from Taemin who was seriously preparing for his stage practicing along with surprising concentration even in the waiting room crowded with lots of staff. Also noticeable was Taemin’s styling which has been an issue through his Danger m/v and appearance in music programs.


His suit looking dandy but carefree and boosting his aura and performance line, his scarf, stylish accessory and hat, all showed off ‘mysterious thief’ Taemin’s charms!

I had a brief interview time with Taemin during a break. Here’s Taemin’s interview in which he expresses his thankful heart.

Q. SHINee’s maknae Taemin. Fans are very surprised by your solo album ACE released after long growing-up. A time for self-praise!

Self-praise? haha. First of all you had a hard job.
Most of all fans have watched me grow up from childhood to the present, so I myself and fans were surprised by my transformation (growth). I think I was able to make a solo album thanks to those fans who had watched the process of my growth favorably. I’m really thankful ^^.

Q. I heard you went to the U.S. in preparation for this solo album ACE. Tell me about your visit to the U.S.


I stayed in a studio called Millenium to practice choreography for a week. It was really like a dream. I made lots of good memories not only with my collaborator Ian Eastwood but also with other dancers. And when I had my birthday there, people prepared a surprise party. It is a real nice memory.

Q. Make a boast of your title song Danger.


This title song Danger was composed by Thomas Troelsen, famous composer who made the theme song for the World Cup in Brazil. It’s a song about my aspiration to steal your hearts as a real ‘mysterious thief.’ haha. There are parts in the lyrics such as ‘I’ll steal’, ‘disappear’, ‘tonight’, ‘with me’. You will enjoy it better if you focus on these points that highlight the unique traits of a mysterious thief.
We also should talk about performance. It’s a recently popular urban dance style, different from performances I showed as a SHINee member. I tried to show a performance of simple composition.

Q. I heard you got help from many SMTOWN family members…


Yes. First of all members cheered through SNS, gave me presents, or encouraged me on phone… As expected, SHInee hyungs were really caring. Besides, from Jonghyun hyung who wrote lyrics for Pretty Boy, TVXQ Changmin hyung who wrote lyrics and did chorus for Ace, and EXO Kai who did featuring for Pretty Boy, SMTOWN family helped me a lot and showed their affection. So I felt in the process of making this album SMTOWN is really a family, and it made me determined to work harder.

Q. Your determination and plan for solo activities!


I want to put more weight on the process rather than be swayed by the result. The process of collaborating with many people for this album was more important than the result, and it’s more precious to me because many people helped me and worked with me. And I think I’ve got more results than I expected.
Surely through this solo album activities, I’d like to make a new step as a SHINee. As SHINee Taemin, I want to carve my own identity and to continue to get better and show diverse sides.

Q. Taemin’s first solo album ACE is 000?!
‘Ace of ACE’!


This first solo album was not made by me alone, but a product of my collaboration with many people, which I brought out as a representative. I think my solo album was completed with help of many aces. That’s why I don’t feel lonely even though it’s my first time for solo activities. Of course I feel a bit empty without members, but I also feel filled full with a different feeling. So thankful πŸ™‚

Taemin speaks so nicely. I think that’s why he is loved so much not only by fans but also by other SMTOWN family members. A shining cheering team visited Taemin after the interview~!!

#SHINee’s Back #Taemin is Back #Love you Taeminah

SHINee, a shining cheering delegation, visited the waiting room to support nervous Taemin~!! Except Key who couldn’t come due to his schedule, Onew, Minho, and Jonghyun came and helped him practice choreography and shared jokes to make him laugh~!! As expected, SHINee’s teamwork shines~!!

[trans note: for messages from SHINee members, check out the previous post]


Messages from SMTOWN family

Changmin “First of all I truly congratulate on Taemin’s first solo album release~!! I think fans will love to have Taemin’s first solo album as he makes good performance and has excellent singing capability. Taemin really worked hard for it. I hope many people will like it. Taemin will show fans his diverse and different charms as a solo artist, not as SHINee Taemin! Congrats once again!

Kai “I’d like to send a congratulatory message about my sunbaenim and old friend Taemin’s first solo album ACE. I did featuring for the song Pretty Boy. I feel so honored and happy to have our first collaboration song. Since he’s my sunbaenim and friend who always works hard and makes tremendous efforts, I’m looking forward. Taemin sunbaenim, fighting!”


#Danger #Ace Taemin #Steal my heart~!!

Following the weekend’s performances in music programs, Taemin launched his solo activities releasing his first solo album ACE today. I look forward to how he will bring surprise and joy to fans through diverse transformations in the future. I ask you to keep supporting Taemin.

Lastly, a gift to fans~!!

#Mysterious Thief Taemin

Thank you πŸ™‚

Text/Pics = SM Entertainment
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=420&aid=0000001153
Trans by juju

*a small (trivial?) part skipped in translating because it was such a long article.
*Today after Taemin’s digital album was released, I was nervous and worried about the result (even feeling pain in my heart). And reading and translating Taemin’s interview, I felt ashamed of myself for being so impatient. Yes, this is his first step. Yes, Taemin has learned a lot in the process and will continue to do so through his solo activities. Taemin has a long way to go as SHINee and as solo artist. Let’s keep working hard to support him! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “[starcast] “DANGER! Ace Taemin! Steal My Heart~!!”

  1. hi juju…. do you mind me asking about Tae’s standing on the digital and physical charts? I don’t seem to be getting any news from allkpop nor sfi…. So… I’m worried. Is it poor? 😦

    • hmm…we shouldn’t expect it to perform on charts as good as a shinee album. i saw the physical album sold over 5,000 yesterday and that many by 6 pm today. the music taem tried in his album is not the style popular in korea, so it’s not doing quite well on digital charts. i’m trying to think this is only taem’s 1st step in the long journey he should go. The goal this time as he said in interviews should be to set up his style and show possibilities as a solo artist. His performance surely grabbed people’s attention getting good comments and responses. With a more popular style of music next time, he can perform better on charts…i hope. I also hope taem’s album can sell better in Japan if it’s released there too. (6,200 sold at 9 pm hanteo).

  2. wow! still an achievement isn’t it, considering it is his first… but I was also hoping it will do better because it’s such a good song… do you also where I can buy the album? I can’t find it in yesasia..,

    • yes it is! haven’t you purchased a shinee album ever through synnara or any other korean site? can’t you through ebay? i once bought it through ebay. this time i participated in the bulk order by the taemin fan union site. you should have tried it. they also accepted international fans’ requests. i think there might be a second time bulk order through the union site.

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