130914 WGM: Taemin’s Backhug

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[*trans note: I’ll start translating after the part Taemin says he’s rather rash but got to keep in pace with NE.]

NE: Actually I’ve been very sorry…
TM: What are you sorry about?
NE: Oppa you express yourself a lot… really many times it leaps to the tip of my front teeth [*note: you can see NE use the same expressions or gestures Taemin uses these days ;)] but I can’t say it.
TM: So are you feeling sorry?
NE: I sometimes feel frustrated at myself.

In black room:
Q: What do you think were the words that came to the tip of her front teeth?
TM: Well..probably nice words? It’s hard to express one’s feelings when one likes someone. Words out to the throat go back in. Maybe she felt that way.

TM: Anything else you want to say?
NE: um…um…
TM: You can say nothing if you don’t have.
NE: No…um (smiles shy) what can there be? just…joa (like) just.
(MC: he should ask what?)
TM: Explain more specifically! (MC: See? see!)
NE: Like…
TM: You feel good? [*note: ‘joa’ in Korean can refer to ‘like’ and ‘feel good’]
NE: I like!
(MCs shouting: She likes YOU!)
TM: What?
NE: Chicken.
TM: Oh I knew it but didn’t know (you like it) so much.

In black room:
TM: It was her first time. I think I’ve been the one who said it first. It was her first time expressing herself. Saying ‘I like you’, ah so cute~
(MC ajumma: You ARE cuter, you are! Β |Β Denny: (him saying) ‘cute’ is 200% truthful.)

NE: babo
TM: What? You like babo?
NE: Yes I like babo.
TM: Uh~ I am babo. Do you like me?
NE: Yes.
TM: How much?
NE: I like…
TM: Me? You like me? Then why can’t you say you like me directly?
NE: I did, but you didn’t get it.
TM: You are so shy.
NE: How can I say it without being shy?
TM: ttut-ttut-hage [=’without hiding it and proudly’] (I know) it’s hard
NE: Can you do so?
TM: I can do better than you.
NE: Try.
TM: Naeun-a, I like you.
NE: You like me?
TM: Yes.
NE: Why?
TM: I get to pay attention particularly to you. You are the one I feel like I want to take care of more than anyone…feeling I want to protect? And…I did the most with you.
NE: So did I.
TM: I made the most memories with you. What do you like about me?
NE: To guys I liked long before, I couldn’t express myself. So they probably don’t even know I liked them. I express myself a lot to you.
TM: (playfully) Don’t you think you should express more?
NE: I will~ Even this much is a great stride of progress.
TM: (smiling) I think so.

TM: Let’s do something unusal.
Taemin and Naeun take polaroid pictures backhugging.

wgm_mc[*I loved the MCs’ responses, and I looked the same watching TE xD ]

In black room:
TM: Watching…(she) looked so pretty. Looking into her eyes (I felt) electricity flowing. So backhug from behind.
Q: How did you feel?
TM: I want to go back to then. Hugging her, I felt ‘ah, so comfortable’…the feel of something like mine?

In black room:
NE: I was really surprised. My friends once said they have fancy for backhug. Now I was backhugged I thought ‘ah it feels like this’. I could feel his heart, ‘oppa likes me this much.’

TM: I feel more and more comfortable with you.
NE: Me too. I feel we became more friendly.

TaeEun hi-five

TM: Let’s have a drink again next time.
NE: Let’s leave a word to each other. You go first, Lee Taemin-ssi.
TM: Me first? Can I whisper to your ear?
Taemin makes a pause and then determinedly whispers something.
NE: Ah, it’s tickling! Shall I go? Um…yes, me too.
(MCs protesting “What? even no captions?!”)

In black room:
Q: What did you say?
TM: Did Naeun say what it was?
pd: No, we don’t know.
TM: I don’t know, I don’t want to reveal it to public. Let’s leave it in the labyrinth (for now). I’ll let you know later. Something I’ve saved…I’ve been holding in, yes I said it.

In black room:
NE: When I heard it? Wow! (laughs) It is probably something you imagine…coming up in your mind now. My head turned all pink.


With the new production team, TaeEun couple’s potential to be a legend started to be realized. Taemin looked more manly, handsome, cute, nice – just everything a boyfriend should be, including his being 2% short πŸ˜‰ I am so proud of him. At the first report Taemin was cast in wgm, many people sneered saying Taemin is too quiet and shy to make a popular couple on wgm: “TaeEun will be the most boring”, “no way to save wgm, it’s over.” And now he is the reason many viewers who stopped watching it because of some scandals or who have never enjoyed the program are watching it again or for the first time.

I like and support Taemin on wgm. He works hard as always. With Immortal Song, we’ve seen the same process: people skeptical or concerned at first and then Taemin appears to show who he is – a talented man who works hard and gives his all for the moment on stage. Some people said Taemin couldn’t take off his image as a middle-school kid whose debut sort of shocked people, a wonder boy whose dance is impressive. Fated like a child actor who surprised and entertained people but can’t bloom into an adult stage. Well, see him now turning 21 and charming people with his mature manly side. Taemin made it. He is successfully and persuasively making a leading role in an entertainment program on his own and in his own way. Can’t be prouder.

The news article on this episode on Naver has got over 2300 comments so far. It’s simply crazy! The most-voted comment is, “Real or acting, I’m really curious.” Other comments include: “daebak, taemin is so awesome, so manly man”, “aren’t they dating? my heart flutters”, “this couple is so pretty”. People guessing if it’s real or hoping it is real πŸ˜€ It doesn’t matter to me. Real or not, I don’t care. I’m just happy that my boy, who has had to miss so much of life out because of his early debut, can have this experience, real or indirect or whatever. I hope he can enjoy it fully, taste it thoroughly, suck it and digest it all. I just trust him. My boy has grown into such a wonderful man. And I can say ‘ttut-ttut-hage’ I’m his fan. Go Taemin!


20 thoughts on “130914 WGM: Taemin’s Backhug

  1. Hi! juju! thanks for posting… i feel the same way too for taemin… so even if my heart hurts, I am happy he is in WGM so people can see a new side of him… ah so cool!

  2. Hi Jujugal
    Thank you for your translations πŸ˜€
    I love reading your comments, I wish there are more mature fans like you.

  3. Once again, thank you so much for the translations Jujugal ^^
    I agree so much with your insights. Never get tired reading your comments :).

    People always doubt him, when he joined IS2, had to cover Jjong’s part in WSS and lately on WGM but he always proves that he can do better than what everyone was expecting.
    He’s not only a talented idol but an inspiration for the people who believes him.
    I’m so glad even SM trusts him, that he can do whatever work is given to him.
    I hope he continues to have his work ethics, he’ll be better than what he is now.

  4. I love you so much juju…. πŸ™‚
    You are very mature and wise as a fan
    And i’m sure Taemin is proud too because he has a fan like you

  5. Juju-ssi thank u~ u speak my heart and maybe what’s in the hearts of many Taemints and Shawols~ true, i just wanna support him in whatever he does and proud of him in whatever circumstances.. more than love, i feel like.. he’s our treasure and i just wanna treasure this hardworking boy in every step he takes πŸ™‚

    and i’m really happy he’s gaining more fans and attentions from general viewers! Go Lee Taemin! i’m happy the boy is loved~ :DD

  6. I agree completely with everything you’ve written jujugal. Taemin’s improvement year after year has been amazing & I can’t wait to see what else he’s willing to take on next in his journey.

    It’s nice knowing there are still mature, sane Taemints out there nowadays in the fandom.

  7. love following you on twitter for your WGM updates, but now i see what an awesome taemin fan you are. you are so wonderful to support taemin in all his endeavors. truly a dedicated and supportive fan (although im sure i dont need to tell you that ^^). thank you again for translating this piece, it was a very sweet moment between them.

  8. my cheeks descended up to the heavens while i was reading your trans. when i first saw the screencaps for this episode i was already feeling so giddy and euphoric! im thankful, as always, that we have you Juju. Your insights could really turn the other cheek XDD. you always say the things i have in mind <333.

    Im happy that taem is happy.. i can feel it. <333

  9. Actually, i’m really happy when the i read the news about taemin joined WGM back then. Because i really want to see him grown as a mature person.. even it just a virtual marriage you must match or considerate with the partner feeling also.. this kind of thing that can make you grown up..
    and I can say that naeun is a good partner for him.. you couldn’t see this side of him if the wgm crew matched him with the wrong person..

  10. I wonder Taemin like pro when filming this episode. since the filming was on 28th august which shinee just back from SG event etude, it like taemin get tired during the event (on 27th august), he didnt even smile a lot but opposite at wgm moment, his smile was bright (except when in BRI taemin looks obvious tired). the same as the next schedule on 29/30th august after wgm filmed, shinee went to taiwan for mstar, he like look mad while opening seasion. is he more enjoying work for wgm compared the 2 other job (pink play party and mstar game) ?
    i think the different side of taemin that we can see.

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